Thursday, 17 March 2016

Kino Example

Something reminded me of this gem today.Not many movies or TV shows portray good pickup skills but this takes the cake.

The main point to take away here is his kino. It's fantastic. You can see that he's not touching her for the sake of touching her, it's turning her on and building sexual tension. His verbals are on par too with some push/pull in the beginning, roleplay with him taking the dominant position (telling her what she's doing wrong) and a "you want me" frame at the end. Her resistance gets weaker & weaker until she completely folds at the end. Fun to watch.


 - Raijn

Monday, 25 May 2015

Student Review

Hey Guys

I'm currently over in Europe travelling around but I wanted to post a review from one of the students I recently coached in Australia. If you want me to help you improve this area of your life, don't hesitate to get in contact!

Coaching with Raijn

I've been at that point in my game where I didn't feel I was improving or learning anything new from the nights I was going out, so when I heard Raijn was in town I felt it was the right time for me to seek coaching.

We spent the first hour talking about Raijn's game, where he started out and how he got to where he is today (an instructor at Brad P), and then we talked about my game, my sticking points, my objective for the night etc. We hit up Stables, Lost Society and Tiger Lils that night, and I was able to observe Raijn's game firsthand. It was fucking tight. Strong kino, humour, girls were giving him these doggy bowl eyes, make outs in under 5 minutes. He was killing it - and this was great motivation for myself.

Raijn observed my first few approaches and was able to provide feedback. Here are the three main points:
- I am too agreeable and rapport seeking in my interactions.
- Whilst I can hold conversation, it's very general chitchatty and not fun/exciting/sexually stimulating.
- Need more kino.

However he complimented me on my fashion, body language, and opening. So that night I focused on my weak points. I practiced being less agreeable/rapport seeking (eg. "oh that's cool",  "awesome!" etc). To have more "fire" in the conversations and build attraction, as opposed to general chitchat, I used attraction routines. The routines worked extremely well, and I could instantly see that change in dynamic within my interactions. The key with routines is the delivery, and to make sure it's a routine that vibes with who you are. For instance there were a few routines I just couldn't pull off, as they just weren't me, but there were a few that were the epitome of my nature, and worked an absolute treat. And lastly, kino escalation. Not this pussy ass "hand on the arm" bullshit. I had to escalate. Start by hand on the back, moving up and stroking the neck. Tugging the hair, etc. Kino must be pushed hard - better to find out now if she's into you or not that waste 2 hours and get friend zoned later. As Brad P likes to say, "blow me or blow me out".

There was a stark difference in my performance at the beginning of the night and at the end of the night. I could feel the difference in the way the girls were reacting to me. It's a particularly nice feeling when you kino escalate on them and they kino escalate back.

After 8 hours in the field I was wrecked, but I had learnt a lot. Raijn was a really good coach. He was able to give live demonstration, analyse and give constructive criticism, and was very attentive and showed genuine care for my game.

So going forward I will be implementing these 3 main points:

- Be less agreeable/rapport seeking.
- Use routines in my conversational repertoire to build attraction.
- Kino escalate wayyyyyyyyyy more.

Can't wait to go out this weekend and put what I've learnt into practice again!

- W


Thanks for the great review W! I look forward to hearing how you continue to improve over the coming months.

Tuesday, 19 May 2015

LR: SNL Threesome

So it was a Saturday night. I'm still hungover from the night before so I'm thinking of staying in but my housemate is keen to head out with this chick friend who drove up from San Diego. I roll with them & head to a bar that I know a pub crawl is finishing at. We walk into this bar & I get a couple of numbers with the first set potentially a SNL but I wanted to see what else was around.

It's closing time at 2am and I lock eyes with this girl sitting at the bar from across the room. We'll call her Jess. I stick my tongue at her & get a fun reaction... it's on. I had a sense she was flicking me the odd look throughout the night. I gesture from a distance to get her to come over to me but it doesn't work... it rarely does but if it does then it's 100% on. I walk over & open with something situational & vibe from there. The entire night I was running on natural flow which shows the importance of state control.

Straight away I'm getting shit tests but I'm not only plowing through them, but I'm throwing them right back at her. Before the interaction gets too intense, we leave. During this time, her friend was being hit on by this guy and we'll call her Elisha. Now we're being herded out of the bar & the other guy's friend turns up. Suddenly there's 2 guys, 2 girls and me.

As we leave the bar, I somehow start talking to Elisha who I can tell is very socially passive accompanied with a bit of social anxiety. Recognising, I'm able bond with her very quickly getting her very comfortable with me. When we get down to the street corner, everyone is standing around trying to decide what to do. The girls are from out of town & want to keep drinking. I start walking down Hollywood Blvd to keep the group moving & end up leading the pack with Jess next to me.

Now at this point I have Jess sussed out... she's used to being the smart/quick person in the room by saying things that confuse others & makes fun of them. Because of this, I was able to do the same thing to her except I'm better at it than she is... HAHA. There were times I would say something to her & she wouldn't be able to respond. Every time this happened, I could see the attraction getting higher. As we're walking towards my place, I'm bouncing between the 2 girls making sure to bolster attraction/comfort with Jess & Elisha respectively.

Eventually we're down a side street when Elisha & the 2 guys sit down to have a smoke. I isolate Jess about 5m up the road away from the group. The one 'scripted' routine I run is the prom dance routine. This is where I dance with a girl like the primary school dance (arms stretched right out with heaps of space between us), then I tell her we're dancing like in high school (like a waltz), then we dance like at the senior prom (arms around each other, faces buried into each other's necks)................ then we dance like we're in a club which is just me thrusting into her haha. This is a great routine because it has her laughing at the end but by the way she reacted to the full body kino, I knew she was very keen.

Now I was mainly trying to get attraction & compliance from Jess because she was the dominant friend. She called the shots & I knew that if I wanted to get both girls back to my place, she's the one I needed to have on my side first. It was at this point I said "Look... I'm staying at this house in the hills with a hot tub & booze & you guys seem cool & not the crazy stalker/serial killer type... but those guys creep me out a bit". Jess agreed that she'd be keen to come back so we called Elisha over so they can 'girl chat' together.

Because I've masterminded this whole thing, I'm in & privy to this conversation. The other 2 guys are not so Elisha tells them to walk away when she's talking with us. Hilariously, the 2 guys took it very literally & started walking off down the street. I then make a comment that obliterates any hopes they may have had without them even realising... "they're so obedient.. like dogs". The girls absolutely lose their shit, we all start laughing & I know it's all over.

The 2 guys actually start walking back so I tell Elisha to go & get their phone number so we can go. She goes & does this whilst I isolate Jess again and give her a quick make out. I pull away before she can & say "that's all you get". She tells me the next day this was HUGE for her because she usually does that to guys so when I did it to her, it drove her crazy.

Anyway, Elisha come back to us after dealing with the guys & we start walking towards my place. The conversation is fun & sexual with bits of kino but it's when we get to the house that it gets more interesting. When in the living room Elisha asks Jess for a kiss (we were talking about girl-on-girl on the walk). This has me thinking that a threesome is definitely on the cards so it's just about going with the natural progression of escalation.

We get some drinks & get into the hot tub. I was in with Elisha for about 10 minutes before Jess joined us where I built a stronger connection with her & made out with her. When Jess joins us I make out with her at one point. I sitting in a hot tub in Hollywood with a hot blonde in each arm. Heaven. They start making out with each other & then I make out with both and it slowly escalates from there just like any other pickup. When I get both bras off, Elisha says "don't suck on my nipples because then I'll wanna fuck everyone". It's then Jess who responds by saying "you shouldn't have told us that" and it made for great times.

I fucked Elisha first whilst fingering Jess who was really loving the deep spot & was rubbing me all over. Elisha got out to get a drink while I fucked Jess and she took my load in her mouth. Elisha came back & we just chilled in the tub until about 8am the next morning. Later that morning when Jess was sleeping in my bed, I fucked Elisha again who said I can use her any way I want.

I ended up seeing them again before they left & Jess visited me again a few months later.

- Raijn

Friday, 8 May 2015

LR: Porn Star

It was just another Wednesday night in Hollywood. I was out with a mate of mine where we were trying to find a bar with a decent crowd. We ended up at once place just off Hollywood Blvd for most of the night where things were mostly uneventful for me. I wasn't in a social mood so most of my interactions were either blow outs or go-nowhere sets. Definitely nothing that interested me. Regardless, when it got to 1.30am I suggested we walk past a popular Hollywood hot spot before heading home to see if there's anything to scoop up at the end of the night. I couldn't have been more correct.

As we're walking up to this bar, I see this girl standing on the sidewalk surrounded by 6 guys. Suddenly they're on the move as their taxi arrives and I lock eyes with her. I know that look very well... it screamed 'FUCK ME NOW!'. I just reached out my hand, she grabbed it and I dragged her out from the mob of guys shepherding her towards the cab.

I had my hands all over her from the beginning and very quickly I determined that she didn't know the guys too well. I then told her of an after party I know about and that she was coming with me. It was at this point where I grabbed her hand and just started walking towards my friend's house where I was staying on his couch. She didn't want to walk very far so I just told her we were going to my car. We ended up walking 20 minutes across Hollywood to the apartment where I was staying.

Once inside, I just put on some tunes and opened some beers. She asked me where the after party was and I told her this was it. She was down with that answer and once I started escalating it was all over. She fucked like a porn star and that's because she is one! She tells me later that she was at the bar to meet a Tinder date that flaked on her. I saw her Tinder photos and they were really hot.. well his loss was my gain! I ended up seeing her a few more times before I left LA and she invited me along to a birthday party at a well known porn star's house. It was definitely another fun LA experience.

This seemed like an easy one but it's only because I have my fundamentals down. My fashion & body language were so good that she was attracted to me as soon as she saw me. My social freedom allowed me to open a girl surrounded by a bunch of guys and then pull her straight away. I kept the conversation flowing on the long walk back to my place and then escalated.

Once you practise these skills again and again..... sometimes it's just that simple.

 - Raijn

Saturday, 2 May 2015

Getting the Right Advice

It's no secret that there's plenty of information out there on how to get the girl of your dreams. Just like every other self help industry there are people either trying to sell you advice to make money or just give advice because it makes them feel good about themselves (and it's often easier to give advice than take your own). Whilst it's a blessing to live in the information age, this can also be a curse. Unfortunately a lot of information out there isn't going to help you get where you want to go.

When I first started learning, I remember getting a headache looking at all the different schools of seduction there were. In addition to this, every guy in the seduction community has their own opinion on what works and how to do something. This meant that before I joined The 30/30 Club and I was asking advice from my local lair, everyone had a different opinion. This led to conflicting information and slowed my progress. I later found out that some of the people giving advice hadn't even gotten laid from cold approach & yet they saw it fit to repeat advice

So my biggest piece of advice for YOU is to make sure you're learning from guys who have done it all before. Do your research. There are guys who can approach, get girls laughing, get numbers but still not get laid. If you want to see multiple girls at once, have threesomes, take girls home the same night you meet them and have them coming back for more... make sure you're learning it from guys who have done it again and again and again. It's how I got good.

People often want short cuts in their learning to become the best they can in the shortest amount of time. Getting the right advice is the most important step. Acting on it is second.

 - Raijn

Thursday, 30 April 2015

My Past Year

When a lot of people get into game, it's for their own reasons. Some want to fuck a lot of girls, some just want to find a girl to marry & have kids with. Almost all guys wonder what is possible. I'm the guy who needed to know my full potential.

So last year was the best year of my life. As part of living in Los Angeles attending red carpet events and crashing Hollywood parties, I enjoyed the following:

 -- 30 lays in first 4 months (it got crazier)
 -- SNL Threesome
 -- maintained 10 girl rotation while filtering new girls in & out
 -- banging a different girl every day of the week (if not more)
 -- bunch of <10 minute pulls
 -- pulled & fucked blonde hottie from the Playboy Mansion (she bought me breakfast)
 -- banged 7 girls from 5 nights out

It was a lot of fun and I learned heaps about dating women and about myself. I wanted to post this so you guys know what is achievable if you put in the effort.

If you want me to put you on the path to achieve the same results, you can email Drew at to discuss 1on1 trainings or phone consultations.

 - Raijn


Welcome to my blog!

As a first post, I wanted to start with an introduction. I'm Raijn and I coach for the #1 PUA in the world, Brad P. I've had some amazing experiences including threesomes, having relationships with multiple women at once and even pulling a girl from the Playboy Mansion! So how did I get to where I am?

Well I grew up in Australia and never had any natural advantages. As a natural introvert, I was the loner in school and didn't have a group of friends until late high school. Even then, I was the quiet guy just hanging around feeling lucky to be involved. I always felt uncomfortable around any large event especially if there was a dress code involved where I'd feel sick to the stomach. I was that guy who never had a girlfriend.

As an analytical guy, I always wished for a scientific method of meeting girls because science seemed to explain everything else. Then one day a colleague gave me a book that opened my eyes to the seduction community & my life changed. I experimented with a few different 'schools' out there & found that I needed a system where I can learn these skills methodically.

Enter Brad P. Through research I found The 30/30 Club and I started getting more success in 1 month than I had the 4 months previous. This success kept growing until I started achieving things I never thought possible like fucking a girl within 5 minutes of meeting her and having an open relationship with a girl I'd been wanting for a year. I still didn't feel I reached my potential.

Since then, and as part of my worldwide travels, I've spent a year in Los Angeles learning from Brad personally, with the man himself eventually informing me I'm one of the best students he's ever had & asked me to be a coach.

With my experience across Australia, Asia, North America & Europe, I can help take your game to the next level. If you're interested in coaching, don't hesitate to contact Drew at for all the information.

In the mean time I'll be updating this blog when I can!

 - Raijn