Thursday, 30 April 2015

My Past Year

When a lot of people get into game, it's for their own reasons. Some want to fuck a lot of girls, some just want to find a girl to marry & have kids with. Almost all guys wonder what is possible. I'm the guy who needed to know my full potential.

So last year was the best year of my life. As part of living in Los Angeles attending red carpet events and crashing Hollywood parties, I enjoyed the following:

 -- 30 lays in first 4 months (it got crazier)
 -- SNL Threesome
 -- maintained 10 girl rotation while filtering new girls in & out
 -- banging a different girl every day of the week (if not more)
 -- bunch of <10 minute pulls
 -- pulled & fucked blonde hottie from the Playboy Mansion (she bought me breakfast)
 -- banged 7 girls from 5 nights out

It was a lot of fun and I learned heaps about dating women and about myself. I wanted to post this so you guys know what is achievable if you put in the effort.

If you want me to put you on the path to achieve the same results, you can email Drew at to discuss 1on1 trainings or phone consultations.

 - Raijn


Welcome to my blog!

As a first post, I wanted to start with an introduction. I'm Raijn and I coach for the #1 PUA in the world, Brad P. I've had some amazing experiences including threesomes, having relationships with multiple women at once and even pulling a girl from the Playboy Mansion! So how did I get to where I am?

Well I grew up in Australia and never had any natural advantages. As a natural introvert, I was the loner in school and didn't have a group of friends until late high school. Even then, I was the quiet guy just hanging around feeling lucky to be involved. I always felt uncomfortable around any large event especially if there was a dress code involved where I'd feel sick to the stomach. I was that guy who never had a girlfriend.

As an analytical guy, I always wished for a scientific method of meeting girls because science seemed to explain everything else. Then one day a colleague gave me a book that opened my eyes to the seduction community & my life changed. I experimented with a few different 'schools' out there & found that I needed a system where I can learn these skills methodically.

Enter Brad P. Through research I found The 30/30 Club and I started getting more success in 1 month than I had the 4 months previous. This success kept growing until I started achieving things I never thought possible like fucking a girl within 5 minutes of meeting her and having an open relationship with a girl I'd been wanting for a year. I still didn't feel I reached my potential.

Since then, and as part of my worldwide travels, I've spent a year in Los Angeles learning from Brad personally, with the man himself eventually informing me I'm one of the best students he's ever had & asked me to be a coach.

With my experience across Australia, Asia, North America & Europe, I can help take your game to the next level. If you're interested in coaching, don't hesitate to contact Drew at for all the information.

In the mean time I'll be updating this blog when I can!

 - Raijn