Monday, 25 May 2015

Student Review

Hey Guys

I'm currently over in Europe travelling around but I wanted to post a review from one of the students I recently coached in Australia. If you want me to help you improve this area of your life, don't hesitate to get in contact!

Coaching with Raijn

I've been at that point in my game where I didn't feel I was improving or learning anything new from the nights I was going out, so when I heard Raijn was in town I felt it was the right time for me to seek coaching.

We spent the first hour talking about Raijn's game, where he started out and how he got to where he is today (an instructor at Brad P), and then we talked about my game, my sticking points, my objective for the night etc. We hit up Stables, Lost Society and Tiger Lils that night, and I was able to observe Raijn's game firsthand. It was fucking tight. Strong kino, humour, girls were giving him these doggy bowl eyes, make outs in under 5 minutes. He was killing it - and this was great motivation for myself.

Raijn observed my first few approaches and was able to provide feedback. Here are the three main points:
- I am too agreeable and rapport seeking in my interactions.
- Whilst I can hold conversation, it's very general chitchatty and not fun/exciting/sexually stimulating.
- Need more kino.

However he complimented me on my fashion, body language, and opening. So that night I focused on my weak points. I practiced being less agreeable/rapport seeking (eg. "oh that's cool",  "awesome!" etc). To have more "fire" in the conversations and build attraction, as opposed to general chitchat, I used attraction routines. The routines worked extremely well, and I could instantly see that change in dynamic within my interactions. The key with routines is the delivery, and to make sure it's a routine that vibes with who you are. For instance there were a few routines I just couldn't pull off, as they just weren't me, but there were a few that were the epitome of my nature, and worked an absolute treat. And lastly, kino escalation. Not this pussy ass "hand on the arm" bullshit. I had to escalate. Start by hand on the back, moving up and stroking the neck. Tugging the hair, etc. Kino must be pushed hard - better to find out now if she's into you or not that waste 2 hours and get friend zoned later. As Brad P likes to say, "blow me or blow me out".

There was a stark difference in my performance at the beginning of the night and at the end of the night. I could feel the difference in the way the girls were reacting to me. It's a particularly nice feeling when you kino escalate on them and they kino escalate back.

After 8 hours in the field I was wrecked, but I had learnt a lot. Raijn was a really good coach. He was able to give live demonstration, analyse and give constructive criticism, and was very attentive and showed genuine care for my game.

So going forward I will be implementing these 3 main points:

- Be less agreeable/rapport seeking.
- Use routines in my conversational repertoire to build attraction.
- Kino escalate wayyyyyyyyyy more.

Can't wait to go out this weekend and put what I've learnt into practice again!

- W


Thanks for the great review W! I look forward to hearing how you continue to improve over the coming months.

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