Saturday, 2 May 2015

Getting the Right Advice

It's no secret that there's plenty of information out there on how to get the girl of your dreams. Just like every other self help industry there are people either trying to sell you advice to make money or just give advice because it makes them feel good about themselves (and it's often easier to give advice than take your own). Whilst it's a blessing to live in the information age, this can also be a curse. Unfortunately a lot of information out there isn't going to help you get where you want to go.

When I first started learning, I remember getting a headache looking at all the different schools of seduction there were. In addition to this, every guy in the seduction community has their own opinion on what works and how to do something. This meant that before I joined The 30/30 Club and I was asking advice from my local lair, everyone had a different opinion. This led to conflicting information and slowed my progress. I later found out that some of the people giving advice hadn't even gotten laid from cold approach & yet they saw it fit to repeat advice

So my biggest piece of advice for YOU is to make sure you're learning from guys who have done it all before. Do your research. There are guys who can approach, get girls laughing, get numbers but still not get laid. If you want to see multiple girls at once, have threesomes, take girls home the same night you meet them and have them coming back for more... make sure you're learning it from guys who have done it again and again and again. It's how I got good.

People often want short cuts in their learning to become the best they can in the shortest amount of time. Getting the right advice is the most important step. Acting on it is second.

 - Raijn

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